Fringefeed | 30 Jan 2019

Pity Party!

Parties can be full of surprises sometimes whether they be good or bad. Seated in the front row, we were in for a ride.

Pity Party certainly wasn’t what I expected, in fact it was so much more.

Sketch comedy duo Frankie McNair and Miriam Slater AKA Sweaty Pits tore up the stage with a multitude of entertainment.

I’m talking squirting citrus, 80s aerobics, magic mike strip routines and gender-bending, all coming together as the ultimate Pity Party.

Following their dream of creating a sketch show, the characters realise their dream may be a little out of reach.

Like any party there are key ingredients; music, dancing, food, good company and plenty of laughs. Pity Party certainly ticked all of the boxes.

A highlight throughout the show was the unexpected sentimentality portrayed through the friendship of the two characters.

It was evident that the sincerity between McNair and Slater onstage carried through offstage which left the audience feeling warm and gooey inside.

The purposely-clumsy nature of the play and wonderful chaos filled the tent with belly laughs galore.

Pity Party is like an all-access card into having absolutely no filter and being silly without a care in the world.

I think it shows that you don’t need a lot to put on a high-quality show and sometimes you’ve just got to get up and do it.

This ties into the overall message of the show: “A sketch show for those who question what they are doing with their lives and then do it anyway.”

All in all, we walked out laughing and kept laughing until we got on the train, reminiscing on the hilarity of the last hour.

Apologies in advance for this next line, but it’d be a pity if you didn’t see this show.

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Georgia Siciliano

Georgia is a lover of the arts in all its forms and shapes of glory. She is a musician, photography, artist, radio producer and writer which is what led her to the involvement of this year’s Fringe Fest! Georgia has been writing for Colosoul magazine for nearly 3 years now and is excited to be a part of the Fringe review team for 2018. If Georgia isn’t playing a gig, working at Voyage Kitchen café or chatting on the radio then you’ll most likely find her at the beach or sitting on the floor of her bedroom writing songs about heartbreak and couches (reference to her band’s album-titled song ‘Fancy Couch’, go like Belgrade on Facebook and follow them on Insta). Also check out Georgia’s creative project ‘The Cheeky Rascals’ which contains her photography, visual art and soon to be articles and more!

Ticket Price $21 - $28

End Date 03 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price $21 - $28
  • End Date 03 Feb 2019
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