Fringefeed | 23 Jan 2020

Persian Of Interest

Darius Davies is hilarious, original, clever and thought-provoking in his stand-up show Persian of Interest.

The Anglo-Iranian comedian uses projected videos, music and images to enhance the experience of his provocative performance.

Davies covers themes including politics, racism, sexism, online dating, vendettas and fake news in a stimulating and funny way.

Be warned though, he also includes swearing and nudity, as he holds up a mirror to western society and encourages the audience to think critically about how they consume information.

While he fumbled a bit, admitting he had forgotten some of his act, he made up for it by turning those moments into jokes and moving on quickly.

He was knowledgeable on global matters, but lacked familiarity on Australian politics and local places, which he attempted to reference. It would have been good to see a slightly more customised show for the audience, as many other comedians often do.

However, he was brilliant at thinking on the spot and making various jokes that related to the crowd on the night. He was also energetic and highly interactive, but without making the audience feel uncomfortable when he asked them questions.

What makes this stand-up so unique is that Davies has created a topical narrative that deals with relatable issues by incorporating himself into situations.

As he says in the show, he likes to do social experiments including manipulating news channels and trolling unwitting men on Tinder, which have resulted in some amazing stories that are also a little disappointing for humanity.

You will walk out of this fantastic FRINGE WORLD show contemplating your trust in mass media and social media, but with a big smile on your face.

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Jackie Raphael

Jackie has a PhD in creative advertising and design. She teaches at the University of Western Australia, has published multiple books and critiques films for A-List Reviews. Other than talking and writing, she loves dancing, eating and travelling.

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One of the best shows I've seen at the Perth Fringe. Darius was so bloody entertaining! I love that the show was also sharing an important message. Strongly recommend. 100% will be seeing any future shows by Darius!

Reviewed by Steph 2020

Great show! Extremely funny, and clever too. Plus Darius has great bobs. 5/5.

Reviewed by Greg 2020