Fringefeed | 03 Feb 2018

Party Ghost

On Friday night at The Woodside Pleasure Garden the crowds are heaving, sniffing out arty amusements, braying for the Next Big Thing.

They are hungry for the weird, strange and fresh – the meat and veg of the Fringe-goers fare.

Modern day Fringe Festivals, once the bastion of the loose and fruity, are oftentimes loaded up with tits and ass and poorly executed glamour. We are slowly wasting away on a diet of shmick and shiny.

Party Ghost brings it back with a fast-paced chatter of quirky skits and creeped-out scenes.

The birthday party you never wanted to have, the performers substantial skillsets neatly complement the narrative of the left-of-centre séance.

Jarred Dewey demonstrates remarkable fluidity of the trapeze in sky-high heels, and we are treated to a sweet sample of Olivia Porter’s juggling skills, for which she is internationally renowned.

A cacophony of dismembered limbs, ghosts that range from the ludicrous to the downright disturbing, this show is next level messed up and twice as amusing.

It’s great to see performers having a play with form and character, especially when they are as talented as these two.

It didn’t take long for the opening night crowd to loosen up, swapping out laughter for big startled eyes for total fear of the obligatory audience participation moment (there’s a reason why I never take the front row at experimental pieces!)

The show keeps the pace up, keeping you fully focused, ready to squeal.

Drawing from pop-culture influences from the 60’s right up to modern behemoths of commercial radio, it’s cute, it’s clever, it’s in awfully bad taste…. just how we like it.

About the Author

Nadia Jade

Nadia Jade is a Brisbane creative who works as a producer primarily for circus arts and has a penchant for cabaret and a passion for sideshow. She has an unerring sense of the zeitgeist and and a talent for sniffing out the next best shows for your viewing pleasure.

Ticket Price $23 - $27

End Date 07 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $23 - $27
  • End Date 07 Feb 2018
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