Fringefeed | 16 Feb 2019

Paradise! A Cool & Smart Show

It is difficult to find a genuinely hilarious Fringe comedy in the abyss of productions saturating the program this year. ALAS! Produced by the reputable Blue Room Theatre, a worthwhile comedy hour exists – Paradise! A Cool & Smart Show.

Brace yourselves for 60 minutes of improvisation, audience interaction, and undeniable chemistry between two very special friends/comedy duo Barney Pollock and Matt Young.

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Sarah Marshman

Ticket Price 21

End Date 16 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price 21
  • End Date 16 Feb 2019
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5 stars is an inadequate rating, this is easily the best bit of contemporary theatre at the fringe. I laughed, I laughed some more - then I peed my pants a little. Clear your schedule, pull a sickie, sell a kidney - do whatever it takes to see this show.

Reviewed by Christopher Allan 2019