Fringefeed | 13 Feb 2020

Pamela DeMenthe: eVULVAlution

Walking into a cocktail lounge with a projector spilling white light on to a white screen, my first thought was where is the next 60 minutes going to take me.

Pamela DeMenthe’s new comedy offering is named eVULVAlution- a story about a doctoral student’s journey into Neanderthal time by use of a time machine. A time machine made from an office chair; hilarious in itself.

As a one person show, this is a genre of comedy that takes the audience for a joy ride of laughter mixed in with confusion. For the first 15 minutes your brain is fighting its own battle as it tries to sort out what is exactly going on in front of you.

DeMenthe is a very polished performer. I wouldn’t say eVULVAlution is simply a comedy, it’s much more layered than that. It’s experimental theatre married with story telling with a healthy dose of pure craziness.

It’s all about DeMenthe and the make believe characters she has created. It’s one hour of tight scripting where the very intelligent and pun-filled writing leaves your mind like toast. So much is jam packed into one hour that at the end you are left quite exhausted.

DeMenthe’s energy and charisma on stage is, at times, mesmerising. She even manages to get the entire audience participating, which is a relief from constantly focusing on the one energised human being on stage.

A mark of a good performer and comedian is, where as an audience, you are left not only thinking about what just occurred, but also how much of the content was based on true to life experiences, and how much was pure imaginative creativity.

eVULVAlution-what a fabulous title where DeMenthe pushed the conceptual envelope and she even licked it.

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Darren Moldrich

Darren graduated from Murdoch University with a Communications degree. He currently works in the cinema industry and in the past has been an actor in theatre productions. After writing for The Music magazine for the Comedy Festival and movie reviews, he comes to FRINGE WORLD armed with an eclectic experience and an appreciation of all things Fringe.

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Reviewed by Linda bouckaert 2020

Any Pamela DeMenthe show is a delight for anyone looking to watch a comedy that is not standup, and Fringe theatre at its best (not your traditional theatre play). This was my second "book launch" (her shows are "book launches", as the character is a EL James - meets - Danielle Steele type), and I enjoyed it just as much as her previous show / book, "Sticky Digits". Super funny and clever (and sxy!). You'll leave smarter."

Reviewed by Cristina Lark 2020