FRINGEFeed Woodside


Dom Chambers is RanDom (see what he did there?): the internationally award-winning magician and comedian. He has appeared on Penn…

The Fourth Wall  |  11 Feb 2019


Before entering The Studio at The Blue Room Theatre we are instructed to not touch the pillows, thinking to myself…

The Fourth Wall  |  11 Feb 2019

Kiara With A K

The three hammy Macri sisters are back with a vengeance this FRINGE WORLD. This time, they’re armed with sequins, a…

Gutter Culture  |  11 Feb 2019

Background Lad

Previously earning his keep on Sydney’s many building construction sites, Billy D’Arcy has since progressed from telling funny stories to…

FringeFeed  |  11 Feb 2019

McMagic Moments

Scottish comedy magician of the year Elliot Bibby is an absolute triumph in this energetic, hilarious, and charismatic magic show.

Gutter Culture  |  10 Feb 2019

Laser Kiwi

In a celebration of the bizarre and ludicrous, Laser Kiwi begs the question: why follow the masses when you can…

FringeFeed  |  10 Feb 2019