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Unpaid parking tickets, not being able to afford a house, finding love on Tinder… what does it truly mean to…

FringeFeed  |  28 Jan 2018


Grogwarts is a cunningly written Fringe show that will have you gasping at how far they will go. A proper…

FringeFeed  |  27 Jan 2018
Djuki Mala by Johannes Reinhart
Dance 2017

Djuki Mala

There is no better offering at this year’s Perth Fringe Festival than that dished up by these five indigenous dancers…

The West Australian  |  15 Dec 2017


If you haven’t seen Briefs at the last four Perth Fringe Festivals, you’ve been missing out.

The West Australian  |  12 Dec 2017

Comma Sutra

Melbourne artist Louisa Fitzhardinge (originally from Bunbury), accompanied by Greg Lavell on keyboard, presents a lively and comical account of…

The West Australian  |  27 Jan 2017