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Let me finish.

Part musical, part sketch show, part love story, LET ME FINISH is completely empowering, unapologetic, and open-hearted. A hilarious all-girl…

Gutter Culture  |  15 Feb 2019

Paper Doll

Written in response to Arthur Miller’s A View From The Bridge, PAPER DOLL is a play that explores the insidious…

Gutter Culture  |  15 Feb 2019


Fisticuffs is a many-men-in-one-man show. It honours the FRINGE WORLD tradition of not honouring tradition. Have you ever seen a…

FringeFeed  |  15 Feb 2019

A Trois

A Trois is a clever piece, written by Barry Hall. Not the footballer, I’m sure. It’s about connections and misconnections,…

FringeFeed  |  15 Feb 2019

450 Years

450 Years is a show about the future, our future, if we fail to take responsibility for the waste we…

FringeFeed  |  15 Feb 2019