Onset features a cluster of intense revelations that lead each character to their moments of triumph and suffering. It demonstrates…

FringeFeed  |  31 Jan 2018

Rhapsody in Red

This FRINGEWORLD 2018, why not join The CoverGirls as they ask you to Be My Baby,because He’s So Fine as the Leader of the Pack. …

The Fourth Wall  |  31 Jan 2018

The Trick

It’s fresh, it’s new, a World Premiere at the Fringe. Excellent actors, cheap $15 tickets, and a cosy venue at…

FringeFeed  |  31 Jan 2018

Noughty Girls

Dear DOLLY Doctor, And so we start hearing the questions from three girls contemplating going to their high school reunion.

FringeFeed  |  31 Jan 2018

Troupe stand tall

There is nothing simple about this Adelaide circus troupe’s performance. Seven acrobats using minimal props defy gravity and…

The West Australian  |  30 Jan 2018

Big Boys the 3rd

It’s the fringiest feeling. The feeling that overwhelms you every January and February. The feeling of numb cheeks and sore…

FringeFeed  |  30 Jan 2018

The Trick

Adam (Valentin Lang), in town for an audition, decides to stay with a friend he has drifted away from. Unbeknownst…

FringeFeed  |  29 Jan 2018

Find the Lady

This solo offering contains some varied ingredients in its mix: a pack of cards, a confidence trickster, a keyboard, some…

FringeFeed  |  29 Jan 2018