Fringefeed | 12 Feb 2018

Out of This World Children’s Show

We are off on an epic adventure with a crew of excited acrobats, to explore no less than the entire solar system!

A fun and energetic show, with heaps of cool space facts flicked in, as Ella, Maya and Luke set off on their first mission – to find some magical space rocks and get them back to Earth in record time.

Along the way an alien ambushes them – but he is not as scary as he first appears!

This is a super cute show, jam-packed with circus skills. The performers skip and tumble around the stage and demonstrate acrobatics, hula hooping, foot juggling, aerials and much more besides.

It’s nice to see a gender balanced cast and see all four demonstrating top-level skills.

The kids in the audience stayed fully tuned in and its sure to be a winner with any space-crazy Grade 3 kids (or thereabouts). The science is checked in with fart-jokes – look out for the crash-landing on Uranus!

But all the children love a cheeky joke like that and the kid whose dad ‘volunteered’ to help load the space ship with ‘natural gas’ has a new circus hero tonight!

Their space suit costumes are super snazzy and they make a cute team, with all of them joshing overly-enthusiastic Ella for getting carried away, and generally having a rollicking good time.

It’s got all the elements – friendship and perseverance, cool science facts, and loads of fancy tricks! Your kiddos will love it.

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Nadia Jade

Nadia Jade is a Brisbane creative who works as a producer primarily for circus arts and has a penchant for cabaret and a passion for sideshow. She has an unerring sense of the zeitgeist and and a talent for sniffing out the next best shows for your viewing pleasure.

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