Fringefeed | 04 Feb 2020

Oliver Coleman: Poolside

Oliver Coleman’s energetic, shot of adrenalin stand up is on the lower brow scale of comedy shows, but you would be remiss to dismiss it based on those grounds.

The show event page description sums him up perfectly: “master of buffoonery”- Poolside is like watching your ratbag mate crack out a few silly gags like a class clown, but with the energy and commitment of an experienced comedian.

At times, Coleman’s style of humour leans heavily towards a mash up of Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey circa 1995 (lots of shouting and goofing around, but hey it worked wonders for them).

There is not a whole lot that binds this show together, it is essentially a string of comedic skits, sketches and characters, each one more outrageous, sillier and funnier than the last.

From his impression of a 1983 stand-up comedian in New York to dressing up as a band aid and then as a kiddie pool for laughs, there are no Hannah Gadsby: Nanette style thought provoking life lessons here but you know what? It is absolutely hilarious.

Coleman is bursting with so much comedic energy that it is hard not to be swept up in his silly shenanigans.

In fact it may be a good idea to smash back an energy drink prior to the show to keep up with Coleman’s animated liveliness.

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he already finished his run but next time he comes back i'm making sure to tell all of my friends because Oliver Coleman is the funniest man. ridiculous.

Reviewed by Mel 2020

A really excellent absurd comedy show. Might not be everyone's cup of tea but if you like a bit of bizarre silliness this might be the show for you. Great fun - I highly recommend this show.

Reviewed by MEGZ 2020