Fringefeed | 18 Jan 2020

Oakley & Olivia

Amore Stage Productions, the winner of 2019 WA FRINGE WORLD Children’s Event Award for its sold-out show Maisie, returns with its new musical Oakley & Olivia.

Oakley & Olivia shares the joy of dancing through colourful cotton candy clouds with the audience, refreshing the space-time journey experience with humour and charm.

Oakley is Olivia’s little brother. The show opens with a scene of sibling conflict that strikes a familiar chord with children and adults alike. Habitual routines are soon delightfully disrupted by a series of magical events, transforming the performance into a unique and funny adventure. They confront unknown situations, meet mysterious people and make new friends while trying to find a way back home.

Through the window of this adventure, little viewers join the performers to travel back and forth in time, jiggle along with old-fashion school students, giggle with cavemen (cavewomen more precisely), and wobble with strange futuristic humans. Who knows how future creatures will behave, what they’ll wear and how they’ll worship?

Oakley & Olivia serves up the audience a satisfying colourful cake with layers of hilarious languages and playful songs, group dances and themed lightening.

Indeed, the show offers deeper meanings enchanted with humour – not hard for children to discover – which hint at the universal timeless concepts of friendship, understanding and care.

Instant lighting and set adjustments conjure a compelling sense of place and time at each travel point. The show engages both children and adults wonderfully with its well-designed script and awesome teen and young cast.

Oakley & Olivia is rich, crazy, funny and unpredictable. It enlarges our sense of the possible to reveal some strange unexpected events.

There are many big laughs and huge surprises on the way as well as at the end that make Oakley & Olivia a pleasure to behold.

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Azade Falaki

Azade Falaki is a writer and director from Tehran. She has been working in the theatre industry as a writer and artistic director as well as translator and researcher since 2007. When she is not involved working behind the scenes, she enjoys discovering both well-known and new productions.

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