Fringefeed | 04 Feb 2018

Noughty Girls

Noughty Girls is the ultimate throwback powerhouse. It’s a cleverly written ode to what shaped us as Millennials.

The performers donned pink velvet tracksuits – an admirable choice of uniform considering Perth’s weather – and welcomed us in.

Before the end of the night, you’ll want them to be your new best friends but have to settle for watching them perform their hearts and childhoods out for your pleasure.

With each new scene, the artist’s adopted internationally adored characters that we held a strong connection to from our teenage years and infused into them their own original witty and comical dialogue.

Many turned to their right or left to find a matching grin plastered on the face of strangers and accompanying friends alike. This is one of those shows that unites, whilst it simultaneously entertains.

At one point, the few men in the audience were so consumed with laughter that they were heard above even the loudest of amused female shrieks, proving that this show is not exclusively for the ‘girls’.

The constant darkness was a little off-putting, acting as a bridge between acts, unlike stand up which similarly criticises society. Instead – and with unlimited potential to be more – this played more like a high school theatre production, a notion solidified by high school influenced personas. However, tunes in theme with the evening’s era and a DJ (who has the timing of a rehearsed professional – all the women do, in fact) jamming along to her own playlist provided us a worthy distraction. Her shameless confidence emboldened us to sing along.

It’s a little across the way at The Laneway Lounge in Perth CBD. Despite the absent hubbub of Fringe Central the event refused to suffer in numbers with the performers actively searching for empty seats in which to place stragglers. And it’s unsurprising. The girls are sweet, intelligent, have dope music choices and go exactly far enough to guarantee uproarious laughter. For a group hailing out of Queensland it is the most successful show I’ve seen from an interstate production.

They needn’t ever worry about low turn out should they venture to our side of the continent again. And fingers crossed they do.

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Ticket Price $18 - $20

End Date 04 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $18 - $20
  • End Date 04 Feb 2018
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