Fringefeed | 26 Jan 2019

Not Black, Not White; Just Confused!

Jason Wood brings a lively, polished performance to FRINGE WORLD in his solo show Not Black, Not White; Just Confused!

Wood brings a disarming, cheeky charm to the stage as he banters with people from the audience and gets the crowd pumped before launching into the bewildering world of parental discipline from the perspective of a young South African kid.

The storytelling is smooth as Wood recounts growing up with the confusion of seeing white parental discipline in action, the mental tactics used by Indian parents, and his own upbringing of good ol’ fashioned physical enforcement.

Wood brings characters to life that’s reminiscent of Kevin Hart – it actually feels like you’re watching a show with lots of actors rather than a one-man gig.

Wood delivers an impressive range of accents and expressions throughout, with a nod at times to some of Russell Peters’ style of storytelling as well.

Though not the first time seeing some of these devices in comedy performance, it was entertaining and cleverly done nonetheless.

There are other moments of hilarity that Wood isn’t afraid to expose, from his encounter with an annoying kid and his parents at a shopping centre, to his competitive streak with a tall woman at a bar.

When it comes to dating, Wood doesn’t shy away from talking height (or lack thereof), or his confusion over dating apps and the strange encounters they bring.

There were a couple of times where it wasn’t clear where the story was heading, however Wood’s timing, impersonation skills and energy for the most part elevated tales of mishap and misadventure into well-scripted plots with fun twists and snappy punchlines.

With two comedians opening for Wood to get the crowd warmed up, an encore performance, and a quick end recording of the crowd going wild in the background, Wood brings his infectious energy and enthusiasm in this fun, irreverent show that will have you laughing at all the grey between black and white.

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Mikhalina Dombrovskaya

Since moving to Perth, the abundant sunshine, pristine beaches and sizzling antics of FRINGE WORLD have kept Mikhalina nourished and endlessly entertained. A lover of all things quirky and mind-bendy, and with a passion for writing, she hopes her reviews will entice even the shyest of critters to venture beyond the known and embrace FRINGE WORLD.

Ticket Price $25

End Date 16 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price $25
  • End Date 16 Feb 2019
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So funny! A natural talent and so at ease on the stage. Love how he engages with the audience and the accents are insanely funny and spot on!

Reviewed by Tabitha 2019

Hilarious banter, loads of energy and fun... loved the impersonations... down to a tee!!

Reviewed by Peta Cook 2019