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#nofilter: Your Insta-Life Insta-acted

Perth Playback Theatre delivers an intimate performance by five seasoned actors. In the small, dimly lit room of the Moon Lounge in Northbridge, the crowd is instantly drawn to the relaxing and attractive setting.

This show allows for a drink in hand and a classic night of laughs and splendid improvised performing.

As you take your seats, the performers sift through the crowd, introducing themselves and creating the warm, friendly atmosphere that the rest of the night delivers on.

Once the show begins, you’re taken on a journey that brings the crowd together and delivers laughs, tears and a huge amount of honesty.

Think of a picture, any picture that reminds you of a certain moment of happiness. A shaky hand rises in the room where a performer will make their way over, and soon a story is brought to life.

Colour, emotion and intricate details are bravely relinquished by a brave crowd member in front of a group of strangers.

The performers listen carefully from the front of the room, and once all details have been told, it becomes the performers’ turn to chose a style and deliver their interpretation of that story.

Anastasia Carlson was a crowd favourite, she transformed herself in a multitude of characters delivering a heartwarming performance as an elderly grandfather, a heart broken seven-year-old female and a mother who would never forget the value of a smile.

Brendan Ellis worked alongside Carlson, and delivered an engaging and hilarious performance as a heart-breaking seven-year-old male and a father who felt the pain of his sick child.

#nofilter and its performers were a definite hit—heartwarming and engaging, it was a beautiful timely piece.

The show’s run at The Moon has ended but catch it at Verandah Bar at Rigby’s Theatre on February 24.

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Niamh Guy

Niamh Guy is a twenty-two year old female who passionate about Perth’s art and comedy scene. She is currently completing a Masters in Journalism, and lives with three adorable pooches who love Perth’s sun as much as she does.

Ticket Price $25

End Date 05 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $25
  • End Date 05 Feb 2018
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