Fringefeed | 26 Jan 2020

Night of Champions

Night of Champions is a lively late-night smorgasbord of laughs that samples four handpicked acts to tease you just enough so you leave wanting more.

If you’re overwhelmed by the size of the FRINGE WORLD guide or you’re just not ready to commit, Night of Champions is the perfect gateway substance.

With 10 minutes per act you find yourself asking what plans you had for tomorrow because now you’ll need to come watch each performer’s full hour following their allocated increment.

Night of Champions is not only perfect for those indecisive or uncommitted types, but also those struggling to their niche.

The show profiles all genres such as physical comedy, theatre, magic and classic stand-up. You leave feeling empowered to make well informed decisions for all future Fringe shows.

While most variety shows seem haphazard at best, there is a special glue that holds together the constant rotation of performers that cycle through – the MC, James Hancox. James Hancox is worth every last dime you spend on Night of Champions.

His energy is contagious and welcoming, plundering through any potential awkwardness or hesitation. He encourages all to find the champion ‘within’ and even if we’re not champions, to lie that we are.

It also takes a brave man to bring rhymical ribbon dance to Fringe whilst wearing tiny sport shorts – but by god does he do it.

Night of Champions is what to see when you don’t know what to see and James Hancox will welcome you with open arms as you do so.

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Danica Lamb

Danica is a management consultant and show host on Curtin Radio. As a FRINGE WORLD reviewer since 2016, she’s seen her fair share of puppets, punch lines, flips, feathers, routines and recitals - which means any five-star review is worth spending your bottom dollar on.

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What a belter of a show. James as the host is fantastic! His tiny shorts! He's your host with the most. And that bit with the marshmallows!! Oliver Coleman, was of course HILARIOUS. Clara Cupcakes is one of my absolute festival favourites. She was brilliant! Claire Sullivan so weird and incredibly funny. And the kagools. Always a great fun time with kagools.

Reviewed by Mel 2020

Honestly, the worst show have ever seen in my life. Not funny at all and I felt so sorry for the audience to sit through it. Don’t waste your time or dollars, see something else.

Reviewed by Alem 2020