Fringefeed | 09 Feb 2018

Next Gen Short Film Festival

The Backlot sets the perfect scene to screen a selection of the new wave of short films that have been produced in Western Australia the past year.

The West Perth venue provides a key element that makes it the most desirable atmosphere for the Next Gen Film Festival. Inspiration lines the walls; countless framed photographs of cinema icons.

The stand out, however, is the haunting yet breathtaking mural of Heath Ledger as The Joker, by Vincent Fantauzzo. The artist himself said, “I hoped the wall painting of Ledger in his defining role as The Joker would inspire local emerging filmmakers to reach for the heights.” Fade in – Next Gen.

A career in filmmaking is no easy task, especially at the beginning. So for all the directors, actors, editors, producers, and so on , who have been included in this year’s selection is a great achievement in itself.

From work coming out of the WA Screen Academy, an ECU Honours Film, independent and Government funded projects, there really is something for everyone in this group of short films.

Seeing Western Australia on screen is always such a magical thing as, unfortunately, it isn’t shown often in mainstream cinema.

It was a treat to see many of these films showcase the landscape so beautifully in their cinematography, married with The Backlot’s commercial sized cinema screen, displaying all aspect ratios to their every pixel excellently.

Some entertaining, and thought-provoking films here; reminiscing in stories of the past, contemplating stories of the present and posing stories of the future (think Black Mirror).

If cinema is something you’re passionate about, definitely make your way to The Backlot this Sunday, February 11, to support and be inspired by a stellar group of Perth’s brightest up and coming filmmakers, and vote for your favourite film to win the People’s Choice Award.

Perth is a community that is, and always will be, inspired by Ledger, and the path he left behind for Perth actors and filmmakers alike. The stunning mural is the first thing that catches my eye whenever I walk into The Backlot… and, I always think, “Wow, somehow, he’s still here.”

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Sarah Stopforth

Actor/Writer/Filmmaker/Arts junkie Sarah joins FRINGE WORLD in 2018, bright eyed and bushy tailed. After studying Film and performing from a young age, Sarah is keen to return to the world of the reviewing before moving to the Gold Coast - one final taste of the fruits that the Perth Arts has to offer.

Ticket Price $18.50 - $25

End Date 20 Jan 2019

  • Ticket Price $18.50 - $25
  • End Date 20 Jan 2019
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