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My Sight Their Sight

My Sight, Their Sight is physical art; experimental and open to interpretation. The troupe of three is largely silent and take turns wearing a blindfold as they interact with each other through dance and acrobatics.

The artistic director and performer, Abby Madden, poses the question through the show: What effect does blindness have on someone moving through the world?

The question is explored using childhood games like ‘Marco Polo’ and observing how someone’s perception of space changes, when blindfolded.

The performers use their facial expressions and body language to express the various situations the blindfolded person finds themself in.

Being unable to identify unusual sounds and guessing the distance from point A to point B are surely daily occurrences for a person who actually becomes vision impaired.

There are a couple of slow moments when the exploration of the performance space becomes reminiscent of Sunday school interpretive dance, but don’t worry. There are no chiffon scarves and the impressive strength on display will soon move you on to a better place.

Perhaps the most impressive moment is the aerial work done by performer Ryan Darwin, completely blindfolded. He twists and drops without an appreciation of how close the floor really is.

The three performers completely commit to the show, their bodies are twisted, lifted and carried. Their faces are earnest and emotive.

On the lighter side,My Sight, Their Sight is one that ticks so many FRINGE WORLD boxes; you will be challenged to think. It is not something you see every day. The performers sport their minimalist tatts and man-scaping. You will be impressed with some amazing core strength and you may even come away with a new appreciation for your own ability to see.

Madden, Darwin and Romain Hassanin will perform My Sight, Their Sight until 25 February at The Black Flamingo in The Woodside Pleasure Garden. Open your mind and take it all in.

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Amber Blake

This is Amber’s second year as a FRINGE WORLD reviewer, and she manages to suppress the urge to shout I’M BACK, BABY! Amber’s regular 9 to 5 is writing grown up documents for the government but her true passion is writing reviews and observations, which enables her main hobby; people watching. A long-time audience member of FRINGE WORLD, you’ll find Amber at random shows throughout the festival, not waiting for friends to get their own tickets organised. Life is too short to miss out on funny and weird!

Ticket Price $17 - $30

End Date 25 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $17 - $30
  • End Date 25 Feb 2018
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