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Murders on the Nile

Don your best 1930s evening wear, suspend your disbelief and be transported to another time and place.

Cluedunnit, one of the world’s longest-running murder mystery companies, bring Agatha Christie-style dinner theatre to FRINGE WORLD 2020. This is not a show where you’ll sit back and watch things unfold on stage: audience participation is central to this completely interactive experience.

Cluedunnit creator Robbie Burns, playing crime writer Jonathon Mapletree, warmly welcomed guests and set the scene as we entered the bar – or rather, as we stepped on board the steamship Sudan for a pleasant journey down the Nile.

Settling in at a table with fellow ‘travellers’, we soon met an array of curious (and chatty) characters keen to share the latest Cairo news and gossip. But then (no prizes for predicting this) came news of a murder. Over three hours and a three-course meal, the plot thickened with various dramatic twists. An enthusiastic bunch of attendees laughed, gasped and screamed as the story played out.

Everyone’s experience will be different as you have the chance to interact with the characters through the night. You’ll need your wits about you to question the suspects, examine the evidence and crack codes in pursuit of the truth. Pay close attention – and don’t be so distracted by your dinner that you miss what’s going on around you.

The drama is largely unscripted, with talented actors bringing the characters and their complex relationships to life through improvisation (with a good dose of humour) in response to whatever tricky questions you may pose.

Ultimately, you’ll be challenged to come to a conclusion: who had the motive, the method and the opportunity to commit the crime?

Take a group of sleuths or go solo – you’re sure to end up comparing theories with your dining companions at the tables of 8 or so.

And so you know before you go: there’s a set menu with choices of mains and desserts, and dietary requirements can be accommodated (just speak to the waitstaff).

Murders on the Nile is a great night out for anyone who ever dreamed of being a detective.

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