Fringefeed | 01 Feb 2019

Mrs Mac’s Boys

The boys are fans of the eponymous pie, you see.

Cameron McLaren and Matt Storer are Mrs Mac’s Boys and they make a pretty funny and charming double act.

The long and narrow venue didn’t stop them from building a genuine rapport and connection with their audience.

McLaren kicks off the show with a set of self-deprecating tales and observational gags that has the audience chuckling pronto.

His shtick is the joke about how the previous joke wasn’t funny, which proved reliably funny. He is likeable and relatable to anyone who has struggled with one vice or another.

Storer takes the second set into slightly edgier terrain with quirky takes on sexuality and various brands of privilege.

But don’t worry: nothing too heavy. He works a couple of songs into the set that show he has some serious chops as a comic lyricist. The boy has flow.

And then came the pies. We were promised pies from the start. I thought it was another joke: plied with pie then denied. But out they came, enough for everyone. Bonus half a star.

There were a few flat patches, but nobody minded. The audience just really liked these two and there were plenty of genuine laughs.

The woman who sat next to me said she really enjoyed the show and compared McLaren and Storer to the guys from Flight of the Concords.

I reckon there may be an age factor with this one: under 30s might find it funnier than over 40s, for example.

In any case, there were laughs, there were pies, there were two pretty funny guys – what more do you want?

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Paul McLeod

Paul McLeod studied literature and drama, and was a musician and actor, before he got sucked into a vortex of corporate communications and risk management that lasted 25 years. He has co-organised a couple of small music festivals, and recently won an award for world's worst band manager. Look out Fringe World, here he comes (creeping)!

Ticket Price $25

End Date 07 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price $25
  • End Date 07 Feb 2019
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Awesome show. Perfect to have two different styles back to back. Plus free pies and sausage rolls!

Reviewed by Daniel 2019