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Monski Mouse’s Baby Disco Dance Hall

Baby Disco Dance Hall was an enjoyable, hidden gem of FRINGE WORLD. DJ Monski Mouse, assisted by her two dancers, laid down the (family friendly) beats in this 60 minute show.

The West Australian Spiegeltent became a baby friendly dance floor equipped with lights and DJ playing thumping music. Music ranged from children’s classics, such as covers of the Wiggles and dance songs created by Mouse, to 70s and 2010s classics for the adults in the room.

While it temporarily brought me back to the feeling of being at a nightclub, or even a music festival, this was more Gagapalooza than Lollapalooza.

Luckily, I wasn’t short of interested members of my local mum squad interested in joining me on the ‘baby dance floor’.

Equipped with three children aged under seven months; there was a varying level of interest from the babies and attempts at kinaesthetics. While one baby was happily sleeping towards the end of Baby Disco Dance Hall, the other two babies were uncomfortable with the loud music.

Other children, who were older toddlers and preschoolers, happily spent the entire time on the dance floor with their parents.

An additional bonus for me was building up a good sweat, as the participants enjoyed dances such as dinosaurs, lions/cats, sleeping bunnies, a long conga line and a child friendly reenactment of Dirty Dancing.

To get the best experience at Baby Disco Dance Hall, here are some tips:

This is an event which is appropriate for parent groups and playgroups; the more the merrier. If your child is under the age of seven months, they are able to attend this event for free.

If your child is not very active or doesn’t like loud noises, this event may not be appropriate.

Don’t be afraid to get on the dance floor, regardless of your dance skills or age of your children.

This event will give your child a great night’s sleep (or a nap right after the performance if you are lucky!) My child happily slept after being at Baby Disco Dance Hall which is a well deserved four stars!

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Elizabeth Lydon

Elizabeth is a professional writer and small business owner currently residing in Perth. She’s back for her second year of reviewing FRINGE WORLD! In her spare time, she enjoys new experiences with her young family. She is a passionate advocate of supporting local and is looking forward to Fringe in 2020.

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