Fringefeed | 13 Feb 2018

MOLT – The Museum of Lost Things

Step into the rabbit hole and join WAAPA graduate Rian Howlett on a journey through his enchanted Museum of Lost Things. Laugh along with your friends as Howlett explores the uncertain histories of lost things, thoughts and places.

Featuring a collection of keys, wallets, odd shoes and unfinished sneezes, MOLT: The Museum of Lost Things is an eclectic place for minds interested in extraordinary stories about ordinary items.

Howlett’s jaw dropping fantastical dance routine will give Djuki Mala a run for its money, and send the audience into a fit of giggles. Set to a backdrop of weird and wonderful things, Howlett invites the audience to consider a new perspective on the truths they take for granted.

This intimate performance encourages the audience to think about space, lost time and the ambiguous. What is the value of material and immaterial things? Why are we so attached to certain tangible items? And where have I put my keys?

Despite the comical surface, this is thoughtful and mature performance that evokes feeling. Howlett’s confidence in delivery is authentic and captivating. Dressed to impress in a dapper suit and bowtie, the only thing missing from the show, ironically, is Howlett’s shoes.

The Museum of Lost Things’ eclectic nature is both its strength and weakness. While some audience members revelled in the absurdity of Howlett’s whacky world, others clearly had different expectations and seemed uncertain on what they had gotten themselves into.

With a few cheeky digs at our favourite political figures and a cameo—requiring a little bit of imagination—from Keanu Reeves, The Museum of Lost Things is unexpectedly funny and endearing.

This is a show for thinkers and laughers. Take some friends along and strap yourselves in for a magical ride.

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Logan is a professional writer with a background in publishing and communications. Logan has experience in broadcasting and production. She is a project assistant at the Centre for Stories in Northbridge.

Ticket Price $10.50 - $20

End Date 17 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $10.50 - $20
  • End Date 17 Feb 2018
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