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Returning after a brilliant run in 2018, MicroMove is back for another season at The Blue Room Theatre.

Showcasing some of WA’s most talented dance artists, MicroMove is an exciting four-part fusion of contemporary dance and theatre curated by Laura Boynes.

Highly recommended to lovers of contemporary dance wanting to see dance in a new light.

What I really loved about MicroMove was its juxtaposition to the usual contemporary dance on the big stages.

By being in The Blue Room you really felt this intimacy and immediacy of the choreography that you wouldn’t feel in a large open space.

When you can actually hear every breath, feel every foot step and see every drop of sweat, that to me carries a really beautiful element to the work that would otherwise be missing in a large open venue.

The audio was very fitting to what we were seeing happen before us.

I was very, very pleased to see a performance where the story they were trying to tell through the movement was linked to and elevated by the audio. Big win here.

The one thing I thought was lacking was some dynamic between each work.

Even though individually they were all very different and strong movement wise, almost every work had the same costume, same pace of music and same energy level.

Although the audience was engaged the whole time, I think there could have been some improvements here.

Even though the different dynamics of each work could have been better, I think with a bit of improvement this is sure to be a very strong show in the movement section of the FRINGE WORLD program.

If good contemporary dance is what you love, a Laura Boynes performance is not to be missed!

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Ticket Price $26 - $26

End Date 08 Feb 2020

  • Ticket Price $26 - $26
  • End Date 08 Feb 2020
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