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Curated by renowned dancer and choreographer Dr Shona Erskine and featuring a nightly selection of innovative dance works, MicroMove is an exploration of the art form of dance from a range of diverse artists.

The show featured five pieces, and on the night I attended each were dramatically different to one another. Jumping from classic contemporary to physical theatre to bizarre soundscapes, each piece was interesting to watch yet all lacked a certain something.

Whether it was a more powerful piece of music, tone appropriate lighting, or interesting costuming, each piece was technically there but missing a facet of production to take the performance to the next level.

The genre hopping of the performances and the somewhat disjointed program did work for the performers. The showcase of a broad range of skills and styles kept the program from feeling repetitive, and the changes in tone and energy level between the pieces highlighted this diversity.

While the majority of the performers were technically skilled, each piece felt restrained, as if the performers were holding back on their capabilities as dancers and creatives.

Two pieces came very close, ‘A Sense of Essence’ and ‘When a Woman Loves a Man’ almost had me in their grips, but fell flat without a dynamic soundscape and use of tonal lighting.

To put it simply, there just wasn’t enough dancing in this dance show. Varying intense and energetic series of choreography with moments of stillness is a powerful tool when used effectively, but unfortunately the run of the performances featured more stationary moments than moving ones.

The performers in this show are clearly skilled in technique, however, the individual creative choices made for a lacklustre performance overall.

With a different program each night, I’m sure you could find a hidden gem somewhere in the run of MicroMove.

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Natasha Cobby

I’m a huge Fringe time fan, and when I’m not watching copious amounts of film you’ll find me planning my next travel adventure. After graduating university at the beginning of this year, I’ve ventured into social media and marketing, and I’m excited to see which field I’ll explore next.

Ticket Price $26 - $26

End Date 08 Feb 2020

  • Ticket Price $26 - $26
  • End Date 08 Feb 2020
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