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Menagerie Choir: Keeping Secrets

Have you ever been nervous that someone might share one of your secrets with a friend?

What about more than 70 people singing your secrets loud and proud to a sold-out audience at FRINGE WORLD Festival?

Menagerie Choir are doing just that in their new show Keeping Secrets, chock full of songs about secrets reimagined in stunning four-part harmony.

We all have secrets, Menagerie Choir are just brave enough to sing them out on stage to hundreds of strangers during what is sure to be a packed out run at FRINGE WORLD Festival 2018.

Are they singing your secrets too?

To create Keeping Secrets, the choir collected confessions about love, relationships, sexuality, family and dogs, then matched those feelings with songs that will delight audiences.

Shared burdens, and the act of sharing them, is cathartic no matter how you choose to come clean – that is the message Menagerie Choir are singing out.

Don’t worry, you won’t be asked to confess on stage. You might be asked to sing though, because it wouldn’t be a Menagerie Choir show without some audience involvement.

Menagerie Zookeeper Sal Banyard does a fantastic job of wrangling so many diverse voices into a polished performance.

Her arrangements and conducting, and support from a small live band, give familiar songs a choral facelift that will give you chills if you have been holding on to a secret for too long.

Teatro’s acoustics don’t do justice to the power of several dozen voices singing their deepest secrets through the words of Sufjan Stevens and The Arctic Monkeys.

Since 2013 Menagerie Choir have brought together a “wild, but friendly, bunch of animals” to delight audiences across Western Australia, including consecutive FRINGE WORLD Festival seasons. Keeping Secrets is their latest show and it signals a maturing for Menagerie Choir.

Some secrets aren’t easy to share, and we applaud the brave souls who donated their burdens to be used in this show. You will leave the show feeling like your secrets are rarely yours alone.

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Morgan Riley

Morgan is a city dweller who likes long walks to the pub, dogs, a good book, and is always looking for the best coffee in Perth. This is his second year reviewing for FRINGE WORLD Festival.

Ticket Price $21

End Date 25 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $21
  • End Date 25 Feb 2018
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