Fringefeed | 07 Feb 2018

Mediocre as F*ck

There’s no point shying away from it: we are all, in our own way, mediocre.

Gavin Lind wants us to strive to be more mediocre and “sink to new heights” by embracing all the weird and wonderful things that we think make us unique.

Mediocrity is not normally something to brag about, much less turn in to a comedy show that travels the world. Not so for Gavin Lind who lays his mediocrities out for the audience to ponder and laugh at.

In 50 minutes of observational comedy that is sometimes brash and offensive, at other times self-deprecating, but always oddly relatable, Lind dives in to what makes him more mediocre than he was a couple of years ago.

The show is full of personal anecdotes that find new ways to poke fun at the middle-of-the-road things we all do.

Married folks may find more to identify with in the way Lind looks at marriage, the world, his Dad bod and his diet.

As a gateway FRINGE WORLD Festival show for those looking for comedy that paints a familiar colour in a darker shade, Mediocre as F*ck will have you chuckling along the whole way through.

Lind has a unique way of looking at mediocrity as something to be strived for. Frustrations about life, love, apartheid and CrossFit that range from the everyday to the somewhat absurd are underscored with jokes that will appeal to those with a slightly twisted sense of humour (guilty).

And there are certainly worse venues than The Palace Society at Globe Palace – the small stage and cosy seating make a comfortable environ to sit back and enjoy some comedy at FRINGE WORLD Festival.

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Morgan Riley

Morgan is a city dweller who likes long walks to the pub, dogs, a good book, and is always looking for the best coffee in Perth. This is his second year reviewing for FRINGE WORLD Festival.

Ticket Price $25 -

End Date 11 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $25 -
  • End Date 11 Feb 2018
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