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McMagic Moments

Elliot Bibby is a mild-mannered Scotsman who will impress with both his comedy and his magic.

He blends personal charm with a Scottish accent and clever tricks that leave the audience impressed – all as it should be.

The comedy blends in smoothly with the tricks. The magic is definitely the main event – from sleight of hand to sleight of mouth you never know what is coming next. Though not spectacular, they keep you guessing.

Audience participation is key to much of the magic which makes the results even more clever and bewildering. Elliot knows his audience and works well with the crowd.

He uses his skill as a stand-up comedian to loop back and create an inclusive atmosphere. He included several esoteric Scottish references including Charles Rennie McIntosh which went over the heads of the audience, but most the better-known Scottish tropes were well received.

The responses of the audience members encouraged to assist with his tricks are all fodder for the show and create as much interest as the man himself.

For example, the audience member who lost interest in the $20 bill he had provided and signed, and which went up in flames – in spite of the fact that its return was obviously part of the trick.

“Get yourself a beer with it mate,” he generously suggested, leaving a confounded magician to wonder how to complete the routine. Then there was the kid that couldn’t count backwards from 4.

Elliot’s laid-back manner belied the cleverness of his show, which included a variety of genres including mentalism, leaving the audience shaking their heads in wonder. The applause grew as the show proceeded and the tricks got more complex and confounding.

Don’t be scared to sit in the front row in this show, as the audience participation is fun and works well with the charm implicit in the entire performance.

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Linda Smith

Linda Smith is a professional writer, marketing and event officer, and published author of The Santa Files, The Elves Go East and Teaching Skills for Ball Games. She is a fan of the theatre and is always on the lookout for new and interesting shows and entertainment.

Ticket Price 17 - 30

End Date 10 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price 17 - 30
  • End Date 10 Feb 2019
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