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Matt Tarrant: More Unsolved

Matt Tarrant debuted his brand-new show More Unsolved to a packed Megamouth tent on Saturday night to the delight of sceptics and true believers alike.

In a few short years Tarrant has become a fan favourite at Fringe using smooth sleight of hand, songs, comedy, and audience interaction to pull off a diverse range of confounding tricks.

More Unsolved is another step up complete with special guests, plenty of dad jokes and satisfying throwbacks mixed with plenty of all-new magic and mentalism.

From the first to the last, Tarrant’s tricks are captivating, entertaining, colourful and confusing as all hell.

For returning fans who caught Unsolved last year or Honestly Dishonest in 2017, More Unsolved offers new material that – trust me on this – you will go half-crazy trying to figure out over a drink after the show.

At one point he pauses to acknowledge that the audience are inherently sceptical because they know he is a magician – so of course we think there is an explanation for everything we are seeing.

As if to prove a point, Tarrant’s third solo show More Unsolved has an unprecedented level of audience involvement. There is no hiding behind flashy staging, no smoke or mirrors.

In fact, this may be the only drawback of More Unsolved: modest production values and a dearth of showmanship shine a spotlight on Tarrant’s skill as a magician while leaving gaps in the audience’s journey between tricks.

To his credit, unlike other magician/mentalists who will keep the audience at arm’s length, Tarrant invites a series of innocents up on stage to participate or take the lead on tricks.

Each trick has a story; every move is carefully timed. It is clear More Unsolved has been in development for some time – at least five years according to Tarrant.

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Ticket Price $17.50 - $35

End Date 10 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price $17.50 - $35
  • End Date 10 Feb 2019
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