Fringefeed | 15 Feb 2019

Matt Stewart – Bone Dry

Matt Stewart is back with his trademark dry humour in the aptly named show Bone Dry.

A self-proclaimed hipster Ned Kelly lookalike, he kicks off the set with hilarious self-deprecation that wins over the crowd.

Whilst he remarks that it may look like your local barista is doing comedy, expect more laughs than soy lattes from Matt.

This dry ginger male explores contemporary issues with keen observation and sharp wit. His relatable material will not only make you laugh but will get you thinking as well.

Matt isn’t shy to put a few deeper political messages in his comedy as he tackles topics such as masculinity and life in Australia.

In particular, Bone Dry’s set focuses on his nine-month stint of going sober. It had a distinctive Australian vibe to it and you’ll love the excuses to try on your mates if you’re having a break from booze yourself.

All throughout the show it’s clear that Matt doesn’t take himself too seriously. He shares his experience with an online troll breaking down the meaning of soy boy with side-splitting results.

His act features random interjections from God and guests and finishes up with an amusing photo presentation that ties together the themes of the show.

Matt’s ability to think on his feet is where he shines as he builds rapport with the audience, getting even more laughs out of the crowd.

What really sets him apart from other comedians is his clever, unpretentious and quirky style of humour.

With his distinctive monotone and slow speaking voice, this is unassuming comedy with an off-kilter twist. His deadpan delivery just makes it all that more unique.

Bone Dry will only continue to evolve with each performance and get stronger with more shows to come. If you’re after some observational comedy from a hipster Gen Y, then look no further than Matt Stewart in Bone Dry.

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Nora Ball

When she’s not busy working as an IVF pharmacist or being a mum, Nora loves doing new things that live up to her nickname of ‘Nora the Explorer’. She is passionate about her city and helps run an Instagram page @loveperthlife. Nora is excited to be back for her second year of Fringe reviewing.

Ticket Price 23 - 25

End Date 17 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price 23 - 25
  • End Date 17 Feb 2019
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