Fringefeed | 10 Feb 2020

Matt Davis: BadFamiliar

Matt Davis is an intellectually driven stand up comedy king. He’s real, raw and relatable.

He can spin a good yarn and crack a few jokes and will have you pedalling through hysteria all night long. Laughter bounced off the walls for his entire show. The audience could not catch a break.

He discusses themes surrounding travel in his show BadFamiliar. From language and culture to food and diarrhoea, Matt Davis has something for everyone. He has been to more than 50 countries around the world and has a few tales to prove it.

The American also finds time to mock his own country and make fun of the political setting. He compares his experience with Police officers around the world and says Canadian cops are the friendliest on the planet. He also captures the essence of learning another language and trying to speak it in a new country. All while tearing himself to shreds.

His stories are hung with humour and heart. They are so well executed and portrayed. He paints the scene and fills it with a handful of comical absurdity.

Matt Davis is so interactive with his audience and can think on his feet. His show is quick-witted, engaging and hilarious!

Watch this show if you are an international travel snob with a trip or two already booked.

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Briana Fiore

Briana Fiore is a harmonica playing, pizza loving, Journalist from the South West. Her most recent adventures include teaching in Italy, studying in Spain and writing in the same cafe that JK Rowling started Harry Potter. She supports local gigs and often dreams of a world where Dumbledore lived on.

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This guy is going places both literally and metaphorically! A lot of fun, don’t miss it!

Reviewed by Antonio Vega Barragán 2020

What a master storyteller! Matt made me feel like one of his best friends sharing stories over a few cold coca colas!
At first I felt like I was in school ( Girls school performance space) with chalkboard behind him added to setting the scene. Within minutes I was drawn into the magnificent weaving of all Matt’s adventures into cleverly thought out narrative of comedy.
He is so well travelled and was willing to talk about any country we threw at him.
He has the most amazing passion for comedy and this dedication to story and comedy is the best I’ve seen in a very long tine.
He has travelled to over 50 countries and 250 cities sharing his comedy.
His delivery reels you in from the start and his knowledge of cultures and ethnics quirks makes his show a must see and hear!!!

Reviewed by Alice 2020