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Marcel Lucont – Whine List

The great thing about sarcasm is that it usually holds an element of truth, the uncomfortable element that is. Add a good measure of arrogance to that, a French accent and voila: Marcel Lucont.

He is a kind of person you would not like to work with, live with or god forbid have him as a family member, but without him we would have nothing to talk about. So we actually kind of like him.

I took friends of mine to see the show with, and without knowing the actual actor behind his nonchalance they believed he really was French.

Alexis Dubus exists very comfortably within the skin of this stereotypical know-it-all bon-viveur. Even though the night was full of unexpected moments, he remained strictly within character and was able to comment in unmoved but charming fashion.

He blessed the crowd of Fringe before and he still does in upcoming productions which he is taking on a Tour de Monde (world tour -as he adds- for the uncultured).

The “Whine list” asks audience members to list their worst experiences about which Marcel Lucont creates a mildly offensive dialogue.

My worry that he might not find much material to comment on, as not many people returned their list on the night, proved unfounded.  The crowd managed to come up with some applaudable gems and most people owned up to their embarrassing stories.

I adored the little additions to the show, like the “chanson” about ethical orgasm side-material placement, and the video about the British Seashore that burned the message into our memories never to buy tickets to the real Brighton.


While Sunset Verandah was a beautiful venue, the funky disco music playing loudly long into the performance might create some extra material for the artist to comment sarcastically but also kind of ruins a few jokes that you cannot hear.

While Whine List has finished it’s run, that’s just all the more reason to go and check out Marcel Lucont’s Cabaret Fantastique.

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