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Lovefool is a show about, well, love – the stuff it’s made of, how to decide on who to give it to, the various kinds of love, and perhaps even the role of self-love in our lives.

This show is deep, replete with moments of discomfort, awkward silences, self-reflection and sadness.

Morgan Wilson’s naked, vulnerable expressions of love reflect private fragments of ourselves, delivered in snippets of intimate disclosure and turbulent scenes of self-doubt and self-punishment.

The show contains depictions of self-mutilation which may be uncomfortable to watch for some people.

The show opens with an intimate performance by Wilson’s heart (who happens to be a native Frenchman), hauntingly lip syncing a number that sets the introspective tone of the show.

We then meet Wilson, who eagerly greets everyone and explains it’s his goal to make the audience love him.

What proceeds is a barrage of tricks involving spinning, flipping, and balancing objects.

Wilson has some success but not with every attempt, and as he tries all the harder to impress, an accident propels him back into his shell and he disappears behind a screen.

Cue Wilson’s heart to pop up once more to share a secret about Wilson’s attitude to love, and we start to see the shadow aspects to Wilson’s earlier circus performance.

Later comes an educational cooking show (with some unusual help from an audience member) using surprisingly love-related ingredients.

The result is an unconditional love pancake, which Wilson carefully presents to the audience as he sings an off-key tender song that pulls even deeper into some quiet, inner space.

It’s at this moment, where Wilson is at his most vulnerable point of the show, that his shadow self takes over.

No longer feeling the love, but rather feeling the love fool, Wilson decides on an act that will seemingly leave him unable to ever feel such vulnerability again.

The destructive elements are disturbing as Wilson embodies the pain of a broken heart, and it is ultimately suffering that we are left with, rather than the love we were hoping to give and receive.

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Since moving to Perth, the abundant sunshine, pristine beaches and sizzling antics of FRINGE WORLD have kept Mikhalina nourished and endlessly entertained. A lover of all things quirky and mind-bendy, and with a passion for writing, she hopes her reviews will entice even the shyest of critters to venture beyond the known and embrace FRINGE WORLD.

Ticket Price 10.50 - 26

End Date 17 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price 10.50 - 26
  • End Date 17 Feb 2019
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