Fringefeed | 23 Feb 2018

Love Like 90s RnB

The best decade ever? The 1990s, obviously.

Larissa Moran’s Love Like 90s RnB is the perfect show for hip-hop loving Fringe Goers who grew up during the 1990s.

Held in the intimate surrounds of The Palace Society at Globe Palace, Moran places the audience inside a time machine and returns them to the totally bangin’ year that was 1990.

From there, the audience is taken on a nostalgic journey through the 90s. The audience will hear a shortened version of Moran’s life story, and get an insight into the role that 90s RnB music played in Moran’s life during that time.

Moran’s schoolyard stories of awkward, embarrassing moments and first love resonate with everyone in the room, and remind the audience of the days that were the 90s – the iconic fashion, phat beats and all.

While the show seems to feature more storytelling than beats, Moran still brings a whole lot of energy and fun to the stage.

There’s lots to love about Moran’s comical performance – there’s laughter, games, prizes, and even a guest appearance by a ukulele named Luke and a seriously cool trumpet.

Oh, and for a self proclaimed non-singer, Moran’s voice is just sensational!

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Ticket Price $18 - $21

End Date 24 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $18 - $21
  • End Date 24 Feb 2018
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