Fringefeed | 30 Jan 2019

Love/Hate Actually

If you love the 2003 British romantic comedy film Love Actually, or if you hate it – or even better, if you love to hate it or hate to love it – this FRINGE WORLD show is for you.

Good friends Amy and Natalie of Act/React Theatre face off, each trying to persuade the audience of their point of view on the film.

Amy bursts with endless enthusiasm for the movie, while Natalie detests it and is determined to demonstrate to everyone else that it’s terrible through the use of logic, reason and pie charts.

The only thing they seem to agree on is the attractiveness of Colin Firth.

Over a little more than an hour, the duo keeps the audience laughing with a melange of impassioned monologues, slideshows, roleplaying and even singing and dancing.

There’s a healthy dose of audience interaction, with mini-games and scene re-enactments cleverly embedded to help prove their points.

The show flows smoothly, with swift costume changes, clever punchlines and a variety of skits intertwined (much like Love Actually’s multiple plotlines).

It also touches on a variety of serious topics like workplace harassment and dealing with grief, all in a light-hearted yet thought-provoking way.

Whether you are a fan of Love Actually’s heart-warming subplots and charmingly awkward British characters, or see it as a jumble of implausible and otherwise problematic content, you’re sure to find yourself nodding and clapping in agreement throughout this show.

And maybe you’ll even come out a little more open-minded to its merits or flaws!

Best seen with a good friend who has strong feelings about Love Actually.

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Chelsea Hayes

Chelsea is a marketing and communications professional with a love of language and passion for Perth life. She has worked and volunteered in the education, arts and not-for-profit spheres. When she’s not wrangling words and spotting stray apostrophes, she loves attending arts events and exploring Perth’s hidden gems.

Ticket Price $25 - $29

End Date 03 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price $25 - $29
  • End Date 03 Feb 2019
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Acting superb. Natural. Interesting relevant topics.

Reviewed by Geoff Bovell 2019

Loved Love/Hate Actually, hilarious and thought provoking! See it if you can

Reviewed by Elana Mitchell 2019