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Livvy & Pete: The Songs of Olivia Newton John and Peter Allen

It’s more camp than a row of tents, with more frivolity than you’re used to before the sun goes down, with performers Michael Griffiths and Amelia Ryan proving that a previous review, which labelled Livvy & Pete “the Fringe World version of the nursing home matinee” to be misguided.

True, the crowd was decidedly a more ‘retired’ group, and the very simple stage setup did show their theatre restaurant and cabaret roots. Yet don’t let that dissuade you, if you take the leap you’ll fall under the spell of a charming hour full of notable songs originally sung by two Australian legends.

Award winners Griffiths and Ryan bring Peter Allen and Olivia Newton-John to life with spot on mimicry.

Ryan especially sounds uncannily like Newton-John, whilst Griffiths brings up the rear with all of Allen’s endearing personality and Hawaiian shirts.

The duo present a show that is a touching tribute and full of life. As they delve into their respective songbooks it’s actually quite astonishing to realise how many songs of Livvy & Pete’s you’ll recognise (and secretly love).

Aside from the obvious hits like You’re The One That I Want, and I Still Call Australia Home the duo also exhibits the amazing talent and breadth of Livvy, and Pete’s work especially. You’ll be hard pressed not to be swept away by the romance of Arthur’s Theme, Suddenly and I Still Call Australia Home.

Infused in the show is also a sense of strong friendship between Griffiths and Ryan who are a perfect match as they banter together and roll with the unexpected, unrehearsed elements of the show.

And it’s this that suggests the show is still trying to find its feet, being only the second night I have no doubt it will. It’s imperfect but, just go with it honey, sing loudly even if you only know the chorus and you’ll have so much fun. And spoiler alert, the hilarious roller skating finale alone earns it a look in.

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Ticket Price $33

End Date 12 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $33
  • End Date 12 Feb 2018
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