Fringefeed | 18 Feb 2018

Lisa-Skye: Spiders Wearing Party Hats

Lisa-Skye is an effervescent and embracing performer. Being near this comedy uncle feels like sitting in front of a campfire, but the campfire is softly spitting rainbow candies into your lap.

“Spiders Wearing Party Hats” is a conversational performance, which exists largely within Lisa-Skye’s brain, and it takes a while for the audience to be fully welcomed inside. But by the end we are laughing along with her stories and anecdotes.

Although Lisa-Skye’s on stage outfit is eye-catching, it is her powerful personality which tethers the audience to him. This power is epitomised by the way hecklers are dealt with.

Lisa-Skye possesses a resilient charisma that knows how to simultaneously disarm and utilise any unwanted audience energy. I was in awe of how unwanted rudeness was met with a swift and tempered sass, making the hecklers feel rightfully outclassed.

Although Lisa-Skye was honest in a way that seemed unrehearsed, this was both to the performer’s credit and detriment.

Have you ever had a bus driver go off the planned route, and although you get to enjoy some nice scenery, you feel a little abandoned? The show’s tangential plot points and diversions felt similar to that sensation.

With assistance from some skilful 459 lighting, scene transitions were effortless. Somewhat surprisingly, ‘Spiders Wearing Party Hats’ culminates with a moment of honest reflection that ties the last hour together.

What was a slightly scatterbrained narrative becomes a swept pile of glitter. This show exists as a handful of something sparkly but sharp, like barbed wire covered in glitter glue.

I left The Fxxk Yxu venue feeling thankful for people like Lisa-Skye, who epitomise vibrancy and refuse to dilute their truth.

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Maddie Godfrey

Maddie Godfrey is a Perth-bred performance poet, writer and spoken word educator. At 22 she has performed poetry at The Sydney Opera House, The Royal Albert Hall and Glastonbury Festival. She was recently a writer-in-residence at St Paul’s Cathedral in London. Maddie’s first book, titled ‘How To Be Held’ will be released in June 2018.

Ticket Price $8 - $20

End Date 18 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $8 - $20
  • End Date 18 Feb 2018
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