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Le Grande Cabaret

What do a suffragette, a stuffed cat, green feather fans and pink teacups all have in common? They will be making an appearance at Le Grande Cabaret. Cherries and Cream productions have brought their Melbourne based burlesque company to Perth for FRINGE WORLD.

Chante Dumont began the Cabaret by serenading guests with a clever burlesque-inspired rendition of “Be Our Guest” from Beauty and the Beast. The MC did a clever job of keeping the audience cheering throughout the night, even at the most awkward parts.

Camilla Cream got audiences cheering for her feminine feathered fans and sparkly pink attire. Cherri Figjam had a sultry suffragette montage in her 1910s inspired costume. Malaika Moon brought her fast paced rhythms and quick steps to get the crowd cheering. Vermillion Rose ended the first act with an flirty and adorable teacup routine.

The show broke for an intermission that seemed to drag on. The wait allowed enough of a pause for some people to lose interest and leave.

Dumont then broke into an eerie song that set the mood for the second act. Barely visible through the thick smoke of the smoke machine, the audience was told that the show will go to the darker side of the burlesque world.

Cream was back again, but this time clad in green feather fans and dancing with a smoulder that reminded one of poisonous absinthe.

Then the show went from darker to just weird. In trying to grab shock value from the audience, the show only received subtle cheers and shifting seats. The acts felt forced or under prepared.

Miss Lady Lace, the Perth-based headliner, brought the most energy of the night with her jungle inspired performance. With traditional burlesque flare and pinup style she did her best to revive an uncomfortable audience.

Le Grande Cabaret began strong and feminine, full of diversity and a great body-positive message accompanied with a witty MC, but took an interesting turn to shady places that might be better left in the dark.

Lace ended the night on high, but the long intermission and twisted middle were not easily forgotten.

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Jessica Ammon

Jess was born with a love for travel, the arts, writing and dogs. Her passions led her from the USA to Australia and helped inspire her to create a blog with her husband called Ammon Aloha. Jess is so happy to be involved with Fringe World Festival this year.

Ticket Price $25 - $30

End Date 09 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $25 - $30
  • End Date 09 Feb 2018
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