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Le Aerial

Le Aerial is a feat of strength and poise that should not be missed at this year’s FRINGE WORLD Festival.

Produced by Aerial Artists Australia, Le Aerial has made the short journey from Adelaide to be part of FRINGE WORLD Festival again though it seems the show has come a long way in recent years.

Audiences this year will be treated to 50-odd minutes of high adrenaline acrobatics that bring several new twists to familiar favourites.

Le Aerial explores – unfortunately in short bursts – narratives of lust and love, descents from grace, and transfigurative journeys while replacing aerial silks with modern materials like chains and nets.

At times throughout the opening night performance, the Edith Spiegeltent felt far too small for the troupe of four acrobats and one vocalist.

Sometimes serious, at other times tastefully sexy, yet always impressive Le Aerial is a show that feels bigger than the sum of its parts.

Using a single central point to anchor trapezes, poles, silks, even nets and chains, Le Aerial keeps focus on the artists at all times.

Fiercely talented and passionate acrobats move expertly on, around and above the stage to give Le Aerial a bold presence in the tent.

The troupe blends genres and adapts their individual skills to incorporate innovative apparatus as the show moves easily from scene to scene.

Le Aerial seems to skirt around a theme without landing squarely on it; however, plot is a secondary concern for the sell-out audience as they watch the troupe of four acrobats exhaust every reserve in attempts to push the boundaries of Fringe acrobatic theatre.

Vocalist Mark Oates adds to the show’s ethereal tone with stripped-down crooner versions of modern pop songs.

Le Aerial promises high adrenaline, sweaty-palm-inducing acrobatics with the right amount of edge to remain a family show while giving adults something to think about.

Be sure to arrive early for a good seat as Le Aerial’s stories of love and frustration play out on every level below, around, and above the audience.

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Morgan Riley

Morgan is a city dweller who likes long walks to the pub, dogs, a good book, and is always looking for the best coffee in Perth. This is his second year reviewing for FRINGE WORLD Festival.

Ticket Price $38

End Date 03 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price $38
  • End Date 03 Feb 2019
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