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Last King of Vaudeville

Introducing the show as a “psycho circus”, Idris Stanton welcomes the audience in true glam rock style with a rendition of the legendary band, KISS.

Stanton sported an outfit that appeared to be toy soldier, meets swashbuckling pirate/cowboy. It was clear from the moment we took our seats and laid eyes upon the curious attire that the show was sure to be an interesting mixed bag of treats.

Stand up comedy collides with elements of magic, circus theatre, juggling and balancing acts to allow this performer to showcase his variety of impressive skills as a vaudevillian.

With an excellent selection of audio tracks to accompany along with impeccable timing, each act is delivered with professionalism, a good dose of humour and a spoonful (or two) of sugar.

A relatable performer, Stanton was able to skilfully read his audience and weave in opportunities for amusing and delightful crowd participation. This highlighted the experience and masterful approach that is sought after for such live performances.

Last King of Vaudeville was presented in the intimate and quaint Deluxe theatre located within the Woodside Pleasure Garden, the audience in the front row well and truly got their money’s worth as Stanton locked eyes with guys and gals as he serenaded them with songs.

Members of the audience also participated by throwing tambourines, demonstrating their air guitar skills and even operating the occasional leaf blower.

The crowd appeared to thoroughly enjoy the show, they roared with laughter, whooped, hollered and clapped in response to Stantons sharp wit, comedic timing and stage antics. This performer’s observational humour is on point and no one has ever made showering in sugar look quite so entertaining.

For lovers of rock music, the show pays tribute to bands such as Def Leopard, KISS and Guns n’ Roses, where air guitar is not just celebrated it is encouraged!

Last king of vaudeville will surprise, delight and amuse so bring both your funny bone and your sweet tooth.

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Alana Russo

With a passion for music and the creative arts, Alana has over 15 years of experience working at national festivals and local events. Having viewed performing arts and musical theatre world-wide, returning to Fringe World as a reviewer in 2019 provides the opportunity to share her perspective and experience with the Festival audience.

Ticket Price $22 - $27

End Date 03 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $22 - $27
  • End Date 03 Feb 2018
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