Fringefeed | 10 Feb 2019

Laser Kiwi

In a celebration of the bizarre and ludicrous, Laser Kiwi begs the question: why follow the masses when you can go ahead and experiment with your own ideas?

Drawing on stories specific to New Zealand’s national identity, the show riffs on an alternative to the country’s flag design as a symbol of commitment to one’s ideas.

Our three hosts share great chemistry and create an environment of silliness and joy with ease in this hybrid performance of sketch comedy and circus.

Entertaining audiences with a solid selection of puns and gags along with displays of outstanding physical feats, this show keeps us guessing as to what might be next.

The trio play with our expectations and achieve some truly surprising outcomes as they lean heavily into word play.

We’re chuckling frequently, regardless—or maybe because—of how corny the jokes are, and occasionally gasping in wonder at exceptional displays of acrobatic skill.

While the audience is directly engaged with the format of the show during this performance, the methods utilised to achieve this are subtle and clever. We’re all relaxed in this silly but genuinely fun atmosphere.

Laser Kiwi is a unique production that pays tribute to creative freedom and not taking ourselves too seriously.

Crowds are treated to phenomenal spectacles of agility that stand out from the bulk of the show’s content.

Although some might lament not seeing more of this type of circus-typical performance, the show is very well balanced overall.

Our hosts might feign haphazardness, but their comic timing is deliberate and, when combined with a gripping display on aerial silks, serves to pull the audience’s attention to and fro with wonderful results.

For such a relaxed performance, Laser Kiwi holds the audience’s attention remarkably well. Even during drawn-out gags, there is no hint of the show dragging.

With only a couple of jokes not landing, the show on the whole has everyone laughing; sometimes in disbelief, but that’s no less of an achievement.

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Jasmine Seabrook-Benson

Jasmin Seabrook-Benson is a freelance writer, editor, and poet. Her work has appeared in publications including The West Australian, Underground Writers, Fringefeed and Buzzcuts. She is also co-founder and editor of Gutter Culture.

Ticket Price $17.50 - $28.50

End Date 17 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price $17.50 - $28.50
  • End Date 17 Feb 2019
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