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La Soirée 2019

Sassy, sexy, and absolutely jaw-dropping, La Soirée redefines contemporary cabaret in their return to Perth for FRINGE WORLD 2019.

After three sell-out seasons at FRINGE WORLD Perth, it’s no surprise that La Soirée packs a punch.

With an international cast featuring the likes of Cabaret Décadanse (hilarious puppeteering duo from Montreal), Lucky Hell (glamorous Perth-born sword swallower), Fratelli Rossi (Italian brothers delivering their own unique take on the breathtaking Icarian Games Act), and plenty more.

The show is high energy from the get-go, with the very first act bringing audience members to the edge of their seats (where many of them undoubtedly stayed for the rest of the show).

Every one of the performances to follow are show-stoppers in their own right, from the Cyr wheel to the Chinese pole, to the sultry, flawless vocals of Carla Lippis accompanied by guitarist Geoff Crowther– each perfectly encapsulating La Soirée’s signature mix of captivating, playful, and timeless circus-cabaret.

Setting La Soirée apart from other circus acts is the show’s attention to detail – the subtle narratives, the performers’ winks, nods, and cheeky waves as they mesmerise the audience, and the balance of larger-than-life, physically daring acts with those craftier and more elusive which will leave you dumbfounded.

Keep a close eye on magician Charlie Caper, or as close as you possibly can.

La Soirée is not just a circus – it’s its own unique world of performance that is equal parts sexy, tongue-in-cheek, and downright astonishing.

Do yourself a favour and step into La Soirée for an evening of entertainment guaranteed to leave you dizzy with pleasure.

This absolutely spectacular show will be the highlight of your FRINGE WORLD season and is certainly not one to be missed.

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Claudia Mancini

Claudia Mancini is an arts producer and facilitator who is passionate about using the arts for social impact. Through the Centre for Stories, she works in collaboration with various organisations to collect stories from community members. Claudia is interested in the intersection of, and anything related to, storytelling, feminism, and mental health.

Ticket Price $30 - $95

End Date 03 Mar 2019

  • Ticket Price $30 - $95
  • End Date 03 Mar 2019
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Absolutely fabulous show!

Reviewed by Trish 2019