Fringefeed | 09 Feb 2020

La Dolce Vita Long Table Dinner

La Dolce Vita Long Table Dinner was a night filled with food, laughter and good conversation. Run by Nella Fitzgerald Events as part of the WonderRealm festival, we were warmly welcomed by the organisers.

It felt as if we were part of the family eating at Nonna’s house. The evening had a homely and relaxed feeling. The food was plentiful with generous offerings of all your favourite Italian meals.

Whilst the initial plates were slow in coming to the table, by the end you weren’t able to fit another bite.

From mushroom risotto to margarita pizza, the food was simple and unpretentious. The rich pasta sauce from everyone’s favourite classic spaghetti and meatballs was divine. You could taste the home-style flavours in all the meals.

We managed to finish the night on a high by squeezing in a delectable cannoli – because there’s always room for dessert. Drinks were available at the bar, including Italy’s famed Aperol Spritz and a selection of wines. For those that don’t drink alcohol, it was limited to water, so it would have been nice to see more options available.

There were roving musicians belting out classic Italian tunes, with singers and dancers adding to the lively atmosphere. You would be halted mid-sentence to join in a rousing chorus before continuing where you left off.

The event ran seamlessly, you could tell there was months of hard work and planning from all involved. It was also commendable to see a sustainable focus with the reuse of plates.

As we immersed ourselves in the flavours and sounds of Italy, La Dolce Vita Long Table event was a celebration of Italian culture. The three hours simply flew by. We left the night with full stomachs, big smiles and new friends.

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Nora Ball

When she’s not busy working as an IVF pharmacist or being a mum, Nora loves doing new things that live up to her nickname of ‘Nora the Explorer’. She is passionate about her city and helps run an Instagram page @loveperthlife. Nora is excited to be back for her second year of Fringe reviewing.

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