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Kohesia Unplugged: Persian Quartet

Led by Perth double bassist Kate Pass, Kohesia Unplugged is an acoustic four piece incarnation of Pass’ Kohesia Ensemble; a 2019 multiple WAM and Fringe World Festival award nominated eight-piece line-up consisting of Australian and Iranian musicians and instruments.

Playing to a packed-out audience, in the effortlessly chic and stunning jazz and blues club that is The Duke of George in East Fremantle, the crowd were treated to a select array of original compositions celebrating Pass’ passion for jazz and Persian music.

For those who have yet to see them, Kohesia Ensemble is an exploration of the unusual time structures and microtonal melodies fused with traditional jazz.

The attentive crowd were captivated and transported to the streets of Iran with the mesmerising sounds of the Persian flute (ney) and percussion (daf), lute (saz) and oud played by Esfandiar Shahmir, Reza Mirzaei and Mike Zolfer respectively, led by Pass as the driving force on the double bass.

This stripped-back version placed real focus on the intricate sounds of these instruments as well as the Persian modal systems they are played around but also served to highlight the sheer musical proficiency and brilliant playing of each individual band member.

Pass was poised and confident as she led the band, introduced each of the original compositions and provided both the background behind each song but also on the instruments that featured in those particular songs.

Not only a sonically enlightening experience but an educational one, Kohesia Unplugged brings traditional Persian music to a wider audience through a jazz context for a truly unique and captivating performance.

A must see for all true music lovers!

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