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Kohesia Presents: A Night Of Persian Jazz

Jazz is arguably the most fluid, most adaptable of musical genres.

Born out of adversity and unhindered by rigid structures (though purists will disagree), the jazz musician is free to improvise, to explore and to seek different interpretations.

Unsurprisingly Jazz was able to expand all over the world, absorbing the cultural characteristics of different countries.

From Brazil to Africa and Europe Jazz explored local themes, tones and colours, giving birth to distinct voices.

Kohesia, the seven-member band playing at The Sewing Room, can be viewed in that context as an Australian-Persian hybrid.

The names of the musicians attest to the truly multicultural amalgam of this outfit: Saeed Danesh, Mike Foster, Rick Malet, Reza Mirzaei, Kate Pass, Danny Sasnjar, Mike Zolkar.

The instruments too are a blend of East and West. The exotic tonbak, saz, oud and daf mix with the more familiar piano, drums, trumpet and bass. This could be a risky blend. It isn’t.

This intra-cultural collaboration really works.

The music they make is unique, inventive and varied. Origins starts off as a cool jazz number then the faster tempo leads to a joyful Middle Eastern finale.

Shifting Sands is dreamy and evocative, Rick Malet’s trumpet lights up the venue in a rousing number called Moon Gate, while Saeed Danesh, on tonbak and Danny Sasnjar, on drums got the audience clapping.

The show is ably fronted by Kate Parse on bass.

The blurb on the show’s flyer announces, ‘A night of Persian Jazz’. I for one don’t know what Persian jazz is supposed to sound like, but I can tell you one thing, Kohesia makes great music.

If you can grab a ticket I strongly advise you to go and see it.

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Antonio Casella

Antonio Casella is an Australian novelist, born in Italy. His published works include the novels Southfalia (Fremantle Press, 1980), The Sensualist (Hodder & Stoughton, 1991) and An Olive Branch for Sante (Yellow Teapot, 2013). Casella has been a recipient of a Writing Fellowship by the Literature Board and served as Writer in Residence at the Australia Council’s Whiting Studio, Rome. Past president of the Dante Alighieri Society of W.A. Chaired several events at the Perth Writers Festival (2008-2014).

Ticket Price $22 - $26

End Date 10 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price $22 - $26
  • End Date 10 Feb 2019
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