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Kings Of Boylesque


Kings of Boylesque is a boylesque variety show, with a troupe consisting of six boylesque performers, each of whom have won state or national Boylesque competitions.

The compere and presenter, Karl Kayoss, was charming and flamboyant, and brought a delightful energy to the proceedings.

Karl worked hard to engage and energise the crowd, and hats off the team for delivering such a powerful, sexy show with the sun still up.

The acts themselves were varied and showed a wonderful range of boylesque styles from comedy to dance to goth-horror; however there did not appear to be a particular theme to the acts, with each performer delivering a number from their repertoire.

The standard of the acts varied during the show; some, such as Rhys Lightning, Raven and Bobbie Sox were clear standouts delivering slick, confident and strong performances, whereas others struggled to deliver the same energy, polish and wow factor.

The standard of production was very high for all acts, with some truly stunning costumes, props and lighting (although there were a couple of prop/costume mishaps on the night which were handled well by the cast).

Of particular note is Rhys’ incredible matador/demon costume.

Ultimately, Kings of Boylesque delivered a range of unique concepts that were enjoyable to watch and is a lovely early start to an evening of Fringe.

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Rebecca McMahon on 02 Mar 2019

Karl Kayoss was an amazing host!

Kathie McKeown on 02 Feb 2019

What an amazingly entertaining and energetic show!

Matthew McPharlin on 22 Nov 2019

I think this show is a powerhouse! I love that each act had their own freedom in styling, music etc to give the crowd a fully rounded variety - catering to all tastes and genres! Great venue with excellent lighting! The crowd was with the performers from the beginning and throughout. It has been a long time since a full boylesque showcase has hit the stages so I was thoroughly entertained!


Review by Lorna Mackie on 30 Jan 2019

In the theatre for more than 20 years, with numerous award winning shows under her belt, Lorna is passionate about supporting the arts community, and holds management roles in two theatre organisations. Lorna is excited to able to provide entertaining reviews to help people choose from awesome array of shows!

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