Fringefeed | 06 Feb 2019

Kevin Quantum: Vanishing Point

Illusion and misdirection are more prevalent in our society than ever before, streaming into our collective consciousness via our smartphones, creating a world laced with Instagram lifestyles and fake news.

Scottish Magic Circle Member Kevin Quantum eloquently riffs on this premise in his show Vanishing Point, an exploration of that moment where what we see and don’t see converge to create a new, potentially even stranger, moment in reality.

Quantum’s back story is a fascinating one: once a Physics PhD candidate, he participated in a reality show where he was trained in magic. This included being flown to Las Vegas for tutelage by masters of the craft Penn & Teller.

Then, once back in the UK, Quantum had to convince a magic industry professional that he was the real deal. The gambit paid off and Quantum has been travelling the world ever since, wowing audiences with his sci-fi inspired magic shows.

Now, being a magic show, there are those who will sit there and try to figure out which sleight of hand is being used where. And if you want to suck the wonder out of everything like that, go for it.

But if you lean in to the wonder of this show, it’s incredibly rewarding.

What makes Vanishing Point a true gem of a show is that Quantum incorporates a healthy dose of audience participation with some truly astounding tricks, which he pulls off with such finesse that you don’t have time to try and figure them out.

Another highlight of the evening is that Quantum weaves some truly beguiling storytelling into the routine, adding a rich layer of science, wonder and vulnerability that will intrigue and inspire.

So, prepare for an evening where The Bermuda Triangle, Beethoven and bursts of brilliance all converge to bend reality into a show that will leave you grinning and, at times, scratching your head in amazement.

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Scott-Patrick Mitchell

Scott-Patrick Mitchell (SPM) is a West Australian performance poet and writer. SPM appears in such literary journals as Island, Southerly, Westerly and Cordite. SPM has been writing since 1998 and has been involved in the West Australian arts scene since 2002. Visit his 'gram, @spmpoet, for daily doses of wholesome micropoetry.

Ticket Price 14 - 37

End Date 10 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price 14 - 37
  • End Date 10 Feb 2019
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