Fringefeed | 20 Jan 2020

Juggling vs Magic

It’s all in the delivery!

If you’re looking for a sure-fire hit with your kids, look no further than Juggling vs. Magic. I was fortunate enough to attend their first show as part of FRINGE WORLD 2020 along with half of Perth, bringing along with me my two off-siders and harshest critics: my son (11) and daughter (3).

You’d think it’d be difficult to find a show that could capture the enthusiasm and attention of children of such varying ages (I’m pretty sure there were a few babies sprinkled amongst the fray) but folks, I’m happy to tell you: you’ve just found it. Juggling vs. Magic delivered in spades.

The simple premise: a ‘face-off’ between Magical Cameron and Juggling Michael to decide which of their arts is ultimately superior, is set up swiftly, the momentum maintained until the final curtain when the audience voted to choose the ultimate victor. Maximally interactive, children of all ages (and their parents) had ample opportunity to engage and take the stage, even learning a new trick or two themselves.

Were the tricks and stunts anything I hadn’t seen before? Admittedly no. So … what makes Juggling vs. Magic such a must-see? As in any performance on any stage you care to name, the ultimate success and magic of the experience is in the delivery and the connection the artists are able to build with their audience. This is where the success of Juggling vs. Magic lies.

Within minutes of taking the stage, Cameron and Michael had everyone – parents, grandparents and children – enthralled with not only their skills (who doesn’t love a unicycle gag) but their playful banter with each other, hilarious improvisations and clever audience incorporation.

Ultimately, in the end, which was better: Juggling or Magic? That’s for you to decide. Although I have my personal preferences, do yourself and your family a favour: check out the show and make your vote count!

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Amy Hall

Amy is a children's music performer and specialist music teacher with extensive local and overseas performance experience. She is passionate about sharing her love of the arts with the community, and regularly volunteers her services as a musician for events and organisations that are close to her heart.

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Our first fringe show ever. We took along 5 kids who kept talking about the show all arvo. So many thumbs up. Brilliant!!

Reviewed by Leisa Clark 2020