Fringefeed | 04 Feb 2020

Josh Glanc: work in progress (or one hot loose sexy ride)

If you find yourself sitting in The Ice Cream Factory watching Josh Glanc: work in progress (or one hot loose sexy ride) – yes, that is the full name of the show – and have no idea what’s going on, don’t worry, chances are no one else in the venue entirely does either.

But that’s half the fun of Glanc’s latest FRINGE WORLD show, where he tests out a string of characters, personas and latex hot pants on the audience.

The title, a work in progress, is literal. Glanc mashes up props, songs, skits and a whole lot of mumbling in one very loose, hot mess of a ride that could go anywhere.

Glanc starts out slowly, very slowly, as the audience sits through the same Greek/Roman god routine several times over until he feels he’s nailed it.

Although it’s hard to tell if he’s nailed anything, because everything he says is incomprehensible.

We soon find out it’s all part of the act – the nonsense talk is all part of an acting technique he’s trying out.

Once you make peace with the fact that the show may not have a point, you can sit back and have a giggle at the absurdity of it all and watch Glanc hit his strides.

His characters – be they the Aussie bogan, the sassy American woman, the real estate agent or the shopping network presenter – do their best work when there is music.

His feline rendition of Simply Red’s If You Don’t Know Me By Now is a stand-out that will leave you doubled over laughing, as will a medley of Christmas tunes, complete with an ugly sweater in the middle of summer.

It’s rough, it’s unrefined and it will probably leave you scratching your head, but you’re also likely to walk out of Josh Glanc: work in progress (or one hot loose sexy ride) with a smile on your face.

Plus, the beauty of a work in progress means you never know if any two shows are going to be the same.

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Its lame charging top dollar ($20-$24) for a work in progress. This is definitely not up to his previous efforts.

Reviewed by Donna 2020