Fringefeed | 17 Feb 2020

Jordan Anthony This is Me!

Jordan Anthony is a star rapidly on the rise.

With a packed Spiegeltent tent and all eyes on him, I would have guessed a 14-year-old would have been terrified, but Jordan oozed nothing but confidence as he started belting out some big tunes.

Within minutes Jordan had the crowd totally engaged. Clapping, dancing and singing along to every song. You would have thought it was a meeting for the Jordan Anthony Fan Club rather than a Fringe show. But I guess that’s what you get when you have a stage presence so incredibly fun and welcoming.

From Tones and I to The Greatest Showman, nothing was too big or bold for Jordan.

Scattered with clips from his time on The Voice and Junior Eurovision, over the hour long show it was easy to see that although young, Jordan is a seasoned pro. He’s been put through the wringer and come out the other side for the better, with outstanding vocal and storytelling skills.

A highlight was hearing some of Jordan’s original songs, including a slowed down version of his incredible Eurovision entry. While his originals remain in the same pop genre he became known for on The Voice, hearing these tracks showed a new dimension to him as an artist and showed everyone he’s got a lot more talent up his sleeve.

While the show was fun filled and fans would have loved hearing some of the songs he became so known for through The Voice. Overall it would need a bit more polishing and finesse to move into the ranks of some of Perth’s best musicians.

Transitions were at times a little awkward and some songs could have used a little more love in the vocal department.

Even through this though, Jordan Anthony This is Me! is definitely worth seeing, and is a great option for the whole family.

My advice – catch it while you can. I don’t think this star’s audience will fit in a Spiegeltent tent much longer.

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I started following Jordan when I heard his first auditions for the The Voice 2019 and hearing his amazing voice, I knew this young man was special. I do believe nothing was too big or bold for Jordan. At such a young age, Jordan is pursuing what he loves and continues inspiring our kids that if you have a dream, follow it. And also I very much agree with you that Jordan does have a lot more talent up his sleeve and the ability to write his own songs at such a young age speak volumes. This young man should be given more air time and publicity throughout Australia and Radio stations should be playing more songs from our home grown talents rather elsewhere. Nora

Reviewed by nora ling 2020