Fringefeed | 18 Feb 2018

Joey Page Pretty Boy!

Joey Page is the type of comedian that will change his whole set just because he saw you in the crowd of a previous show. I’m not complaining though – it meant I got two sets of chortle-inducing laughter instead of just one.

This Pretty Boy’s humour is perfect for those of us who thrive in the awkward – we relate too strongly to The IT Crowd, watch The Mighty Boosh on repeat and deeply appreciate Peep Show. We are the people that will worry for five minutes about whether going for a ‘quick wee’ will be quick enough instead of just going.

Joey is our people.

What makes Joey special is his unparalleled ability to take you three layers deep into a story and bring you back out completely without a hitch or any confusion. No spoilers but if you think a Hot Girl in Coles, a six pack of Nuggets and Gordon Ramsay are unrelated then think again. Not to mention the seamless way call-backs to a joke from 30 minutes ago are interwoven into the perfect tapestry of the routine. I imagine the reverse side would reveal a complicated, carefully crafted mesh of threads.

You never know what’s coming next in the show – while other comedians may try to make predictable political statements or invoke laughter from dirty jokes, when Joey clumsily grabs a ladder or a toy helicopter from side stage you start to get giggly from anticipation before the segment has even started.

Joey is fully deserving of the encore he strategically plans and generates at the end of his set.

His interaction with the crowd and ability to think on his feet is a difficult skill to master.

But maybe it’s just his vested interest in getting a person to crash with next Fringe season.

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Danica Lamb

Danica is a management consultant and show host on Curtin Radio. As a FRINGE WORLD reviewer since 2016, she’s seen her fair share of puppets, punch lines, flips, feathers, routines and recitals - which means any five-star review is worth spending your bottom dollar on.

Ticket Price $20 - $26

End Date 25 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $20 - $26
  • End Date 25 Feb 2018
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